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We’re passionate about our home.

What we do.

At SEASALT Properties we are international, experienced Realtors® who understand and love the Tampa Bay area and beach lifestyle.We assist clients to buy, sell or manage their homes with top-of-mind customer service, modern tools and local expertise. Welcome to SEASALT – Welcome to a life enhanced with sun and sea.

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Who we are.

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We walk the extra miles needed to get results.

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We’re a dedicated team who loves what we do.

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We enjoy the #VitaminSea way of life.

Our dedicated team.

SEASALT Properties Hendrik Portrait

Hendrik Bisanz, CEO, Broker

Meet Hendrik

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Ray J. Alexander, Broker


Meet Ray

SEASALT Properties Steve Portrait

Steve Streeff, Realtor®

Meet Steve

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SEASALT Properties Natalie Portrait

Natalie Winslow, Realtor®

Meet Natalie

SEASALT Properties Andrea Portrait

Andrea Knudsen, Realtor®

Meet Andrea

SEASALT Properties Erik Portrait

Erik Bredemeyer, Realtor®

Meet Erik

SEASALT Properties James Portrait

James Duncan, Realtor®

Meet James

SEASALT Properties Janine Portrait

Janine Lewis, Realtor®

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SEASALT Properties Joseph Portrait

Joseph Doswell, Realtor®

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SEASALT Properties Maria Portrait

Maria Simon, Realtor®

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SEASALT Properties Geraldine Portrait

Geraldine Wilner, Realtor®

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SEASALT Properties Tammy Portrait

Tammy Mack, Realtor®


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SEASALT Properties Theresa Portrait

Theresa Wilson, Realtor®

Meet Theresa

SEASALT Properties Valerie Portrait

Valerie Lucey, Realtor®

Meet Valerie

SEASALT Properties Gwen Portrait

Gwen Boumeester, Realtor®

Meet Gwen

SEASALT Properties Lisa Portrait

Lisa Reeves, Realtor®

Meet Lisa

SEASALT Properties Brian Portrait

Brian Taylor, Realtor®

Meet Brian

SEASALT Properties Placeholder Portrait

Carolyn Spencer, Realtor®

Meet Carolyn

SEASALT Properties Stella Portrait

Stella Novitzky, Realtor®

Meet Stella

SEASALT Properties Steven Charlton

Steven Charlton, Realtor®

Meet Steven

SEASALT Properties Placeholder Portrait

Tim Strzelczyk, Realtor®

Meet Tim

SEASALT Properties Bridget Portrait

Bridget Bisanz, Staging Consultant

Meet Bridget

SEASALT Properties Placeholder Portrait

John J. Cerullo Sr., CPA CFF

Meet John

SEASALT Properties Hauke Portrait

Hauke Andresen, Marketing

Meet Hauke

Welcome to Florida, welcome to paradise.

What our clients have to say

SEASALT was amazing! Honestly, they really do their homework before showing you the property! They literally hold your hand through the entire process.


SEASALT was BY FAR my favorite realtor I have ever had! I felt so comfortable with them from the moment we engaged them (which is pretty important to me when choosing a realtor).

Aubrey Z

SEASALT was awesome! They got us an amazing deal for our daughter’s “dream” condo and then listed and sold our daughter’s current condo in less than two weeks!

ZUser 8185579

My husband and I have gone through many moves; this being our last, we wanted to be sure we were making the right choices. SEASALT was the first best choice we’ve ever made


I couldn’t imagine having an easier time working with anyone else and will definitely use SEASALT again in the future!