Kelli Garcia

Real estate is a powerful tool. Your home becomes the center of your universe, the place you share with family and create memories. Your investment becomes a dynamic instrument to create financial freedom and diversify wealth. With this in mind, being a real estate agent is a valuable service. My approach to being your agent is deeply personal. I focus on building strong relationships with trust, transparency and authenticity to support you in your personalized transaction. Even if you’re not ready to buy or sell and you are just curious, I want to connect with you and be a valuable and approachable source for information.

I am passionate about helping people and being of service. I am an expert in wellness and mindfulness with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology. I’ve served as a bodywork and yoga professional for over a decade and have worked with hundreds of men and women to co-create confidence and ease in their bodies and lives. This has made me a calm, flexible and self-assured leader and has shaped my approach to working with clients by recognizing the unique needs of individuals. As your agent, much like your yoga teacher, my aim is to establish your goals and guide you seamlessly through the buying and selling process.

Growing up in a small coastal town in North Carolina impressed upon me the importance of preservation and environmental stewardship. I share SeaSalt’s commitment to our community both above and below the water line and am excited to share the coastal lifestyle that I so happily live. I moved to the St. Pete area to return to my beach roots and start my family. Like everyone who falls in love with the greater Tampa Bay area, I too am a beach-walking, dog-loving, sunshine-soaking, sports fan! In my play time I enjoy quality family time, paddle boarding, biking, dining, dancing or attending one of our beautiful dog parks and beaches. Exploring our city and finding fun things to do are some of my favorite things so feel free to ask for recommendations! 

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