Steve Streeff

Born and raised in NYC, every summer weekend Steve would go to one of the many public beaches around NYC or the nearby suburbs. It lit the love for the beach and all the cultural offerings that came with living there in him.

Steve majored in Construction Business Management at NYU and had his own businesses in the field while living in NYC and Kansas City.

Having visited most of the countries in Europe and the Middle East as well as the East Coast of the US, it was Florida Steve wanted to call home. It seemed like the perfect choice.

In his off-time he could be at the beach, swimming, sailing or surfing!

Steve started in Florida as a Home Inspector. Working with scores of Realtors® from dozens of brokerages, he knew that Hendrik was doing just what he had envisioned for himself.
“So here I am, I decided the best way to satisfy my love of the sea and exploration was to join SEASALT Properties.”

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