Turu Marx

Born in New York, raised in Los Angeles, European recording star, and imbued with Greek and Russian descent … Turu is endowed with a wealth of experience and engagement among diverse peoples from all over the globe. It has made her one of the most authentic and genuine personalities in our SEASALT family. Raised by two very entrepreneurial parents that created very successful independent companies Turu’s first launch into her professional career started as a student of method acting, film work, and a lover of music. Eventually It was her love for music and her talent that led to a recording contract, recording albums, and concert tours throughout Europe. Subsequent to this successful venture, Turu’s mindset pivoted to starting a family and she moved to Colorado. It was in Colorado Springs where Turu’s success momentum continued to flourish. There she both started a family and built a mother/daughter dream restaurant/bakery/wholesale food business offering gluten free products. Coquette’s Bistro & Bakery became an overnight success with a 5-state Whole Foods contract for many of her products. Additionally, her restaurant of 50 employees was very successful as a 5-star dining venue over 15 years in Colorado Springs until COVID made her rethink her passion. She decided to sell her business and pursue Wellness as a certified Pilates instructor and Real Estate investment. Although well-traveled throughout the world, it was her love for real estate that finally anchored her passion to the Tampa Bay area. Investing in both commercial and residential properties, she discovered her love for architecture and design and eventually decided to make it a career by acquiring her real estate license. She is excited to bring her family and passion to our vibrant central gulf coast lifestyle. Anyone who meets Turu will enjoy her natural ease and ability for making others feel confident, comfortable and relaxed as they engage with her in any setting or capacity.

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