Viktoriya Luchka

Since her family’s decision to drop everything and move to West Pasco, Viktoriya knew that was her chance to pursue her passion for Real Estate. Being surrounded by her friends who were actively involved in the field, she couldn’t wait to become an agent herself. As a Western European, originally from Ukraine, she is trilingual and fluent in Ukrainian as well as Russian.

Although a new agent, Viktoriya’s ambitious attitude allowed her to gain experience with a real estate investment firm while being a full-time student at the University of South Florida. Currently studying finance, she also plans on minoring in real estate with the goal of constantly expanding her knowledge in the industry. Aside from continuously studying, you will find Viktoriya over in the weightlifting section of the gym five days a week, with no exceptions. Not only is fitness one of her main hobbies, but it also serves as a good discipline builder. Her fresh outlook on life, easy-going communication, and professionalism will get the job done.

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