3 Reasons Florida Coastal Homes are a Smart Investment

The basics of Real Estate tell us that when it comes to investing in a home there are 3 key things: location, location, location.

And let’s be honest. If you had the entire planet to choose from, could you think of a better place to live or vacation than West Florida? 

Owning a beach house is a long-held dream for many because of the lifestyle, work-life balance, and health benefits that it offers. But did you know that owning a beach house is also a financial dream? 

Whether it’s for full-time living, a vacation home, or a house you plan on renting out, a coastal home in Florida is an excellent investment. 

That’s why it’s no coincidence that houses by the water in Florida are so desirable. They sell better and faster, and they offer the best return on investment. Here’s why a coastal home is a smart investment:

1. Investing in your happiness

When you have a home by the coast you have a lifestyle. That’s why when we imagine owning a beach house we imagine throwing a party at sunset, inviting our friends to a barbecue on the deck, clinking cocktails, and taking in the breath-taking views. We imagine sailing and sand between our toes after a long day at the office. We imagine growing old there.

Living by the water, or owning a vacation home near the beach, is investing in your happiness. 

2. Investing in the rental market

A home close to the water gives you a reliable income stream if you want to rent it out. There’s always a demand for Florida coastal homes, especially in winter when people from other states crave some sunshine. Many coastal homeowners tell us that the income they make on rentals from November to April covers their expenses for the entire year. 

Despite the hit that the tourism sector took in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid, this year things are looking up. Both domestic and foreign tourism is in full swing, and West Florida will always be a popular spot for Spring Break, family vacations, and couple’s retreats. Because of this, the rental market in Florida is thriving, and demand for beach homes is sky-high. 

3. Return on investment

Buying a beach house means an excellent return on investment (ROI) and homes by the water have a strong potential for appreciation. This means that when the time comes for you to sell, you’ll likely make an impressive profit. 

That’s why if you’re looking for a high return on real estate, investing in a Florida coastal home is the way to go. 

Investing in your future

For us, living and working in West Florida is a slice of heaven. 

With interest rates so low right now, no wonder beach homes are so sought after and so many people are realizing their dream of owning a home near the water. 

We’re proud of the beautiful coastal homes on Florida’s West Coast that we help local buyers as well as people all around the world to buy, sell, and manage. 

If owning a home on the West Coast of Florida is something you dream of, we’ll open the door. Are you ready to live a luxury coastal lifestyle? We are a team of highly experienced real estate agents who are excited to help you set sail on this new adventure. All aboard!

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