4 Reasons Why Retiring in West Florida is The Life

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It’s a well-known fact that West Florida is one of the most beautiful places to vacation, work, and live. The sunny climate and mild winters, as well as a lifestyle that offers entertainment, relaxation, and mental health benefits, make it heaven on earth. 

<strong>Coastal Living Interiors: 5 Ways to Get the Beachy Look</strong>


So, you’ve finally secured your dream beach home and are about to get to keys, or you’re planning on giving your coastal home a refresh. You’ve worked hard to invest in a beach home, so let’s make sure that it looks and feels as beautiful as its surroundings. Florida coastal living offers the best lifestyle, […]

Adapted Living: Finding the Right Home for Those with Mobility Issues


If you use a wheelchair, have mobility issues, or if someone in your family has additional needs, you’ll notice certain challenges that most take for granted.  Take steps, for example. For the able-bodied, steps are not an obstacle. However, if you have a mobility issue or use a wheelchair, steps can present a barrier. 

Tampa’s Yacht Challenge: Finding a Property That Can Accommodate a Large Boat


When you live by the sea and embrace the coastal lifestyle, chances are you’re passionate about boating. And we believe that there’s nowhere in the world quite like Florida when it comes to getting out on the crystal blue waters and setting foot on the most beautiful beaches in the world.   If you’ve got a […]

Striking a Lifestyle Balance


So here at SEASALT, we thought we’d take an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of work, rest, and play. We love the  Florida lifestyle and we’re excited to share our lifestyle balancing tips with you. 

3 Key Things You’ll Love About Property Management

Property Management

Keeping your home by the ocean in pristine condition requires a lot of time and energy – something that many of us simply don’t have in this hectic world. Life is short – you want less stress and more free time, and who can blame you? As the sun sets on another perfect Florida day, […]