Why Beach Clean-ups Are So Important to Us (And How you Can Help)

We count ourselves among the lucky ones because we live and work in the most gorgeous place in the world. When you have a beautiful home by the ocean, run a successful company, and get to see clients realize their dream of living by the water, you know it’s time to give something back. After all, this is the environment that allows these dreams to come true.

Recently, we listed the top benefits of coastal living and revealed the secret of nailing a work-life balance. We’ve shared the great news that according to millions of reviews from Tripadvisor, St Pete beach was voted the best beach in America. 

So now you understand why we won’t allow anything to spoil that.

The problem

According to National Geographic, marine pollution is a problem that’s growing. The ocean is under attack by two types of pollutants: chemicals and marine trash such as plastics that end up in the ocean. This trash is accumulated through littering, storm winds, and poor waste management. That’s why you’ll often see things like food wrappers, bottle caps, plastic bottles, and shopping bags in the water or on the sand. 

Plastic is the biggest problem because it takes hundreds of years to decompose. This pollution damages the environment and affects humans, and marine animals such as sea turtles, fish, and seabirds around the world. 

The solution

An estimated 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year, but you can help.  Let’s think about what would happen if every single person picked up just one piece of trash from the ocean or beach. Here are some ways to make a difference. 

  1. Join a beach clean up

Check out www.your-beach.com to join an existing beach clean-up and check the schedule. You’ll see groups like #TrashPiratesOfMadBeach who tackle trash at Madeira beach, or other groups who meet at Treasure Island, Manatee Beach, Dunedin Beach, and Sunset Beach. They’d be pumped to welcome you.

  1. Start a movement

Mark, your calendar and create an event of your own to celebrate Earth Day (April) and National Clean-up Day (September). Gather your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues and get stuck in together.

  1. Be prepared

Keep a roll of trash bags in the boot of your car, and every time you visit the coast to walk, swim, or for a sailing adventure, ensure that you leave no trace. Remove any papers or packaging that you brought and add a few extra pieces of trash to the bag.  

  1. Get inventive

We love seeing inventive ways to pick up trash – from the litter picking sticks to the BBQ tongs for those who won’t want to get their hands dirty. Make a game of it and bring out some sibling rivalry by getting the kids to compete to see who can get the most trash in one hour, with a spot prize for the winner. 

Proud to support a clean environment

Because we live, work, and play in paradise we want to keep it pristine for ourselves, our kids, and our pets. That way, we get to enjoy a cold beer on a warm evening in our beautiful coastal home as the waves crash on the powder-white sand, and there’s nothing to spoil it.

 As a team of passionate and dedicated real estate agents, we live for the coastal lifestyle. As we promote the idyllic life by the sea, we understand the importance of respecting nature and the environment – both above and below the waterline. 

As part of SEASALT’s philanthropic efforts, we’re proud to sponsor www.you-beach.com and join the mission to keep our beaches clean and beautiful. 

Let’s do the responsible thing and roll up our sleeves. Together, many hands make light work, and we can all benefit from a clean environment. 

At SEASALT, it makes us so happy to be part of the solution and come together with our community to tackle beach trash. Contact us to learn more

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