Minding Your Wellbeing: 4 Mental Health Benefits of Coastal Living

For years, taking a vacation near the coast has been associated with fun, relaxation, and adventure. But what if making a permanent move towards coastal living could improve our health and mental well-being in the long run?

Living near the coast boosts our mood, has a calming effect, helps us to sleep better, and opens up opportunities for exercise. Let’s look at the scientific link between coastal living and mental health. 

Mental health in America

According to the Center for Disease Control, mental health affects our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. Mental illness is one of the most common health conditions in the US, with more than 50% diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at one point in their lifetime. 

We’ve always associated being close to the water with rest and relaxation. Now, scientists have proven that being near what they call ‘blue space’ has positive effects on our minds.

A study published by the University of Exeter in the journal Health and Place explored the link between mental well-being and living beside the sea or ocean. It demonstrated that those who live by the coast are typically happier than those who don’t and are “less likely to show signs of mental health conditions.” The study concluded that those living near the coastline had better mental health and experience less anxiety and depression.

Better calm, better mental health

A study by Deborah Bracknell showed that exposure to natural environments such as a sea view has calming and stress-reducing effects on humans. Simply having an ocean view can promote improvements in our mood and reduce our heart rate. Studies demonstrate that the sound of waves crashing has a calming effect. 

Better sleep, better mental health

For years we’ve known that the sea air helps us to sleep better, allowing us to wake more refreshed, recharged, and ready for the day. Coastal air is generally cleaner and fresher, containing higher oxygen levels, and improving sleep quality. Negative ions contained in sea air allow us to better absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels. 

There’s a strong link between sleep and mental health. Poor sleep has a negative impact on your mind and can be a contributing factor to the initiation or worsening of mental health problems.  

Better exercise, better mental health

The connection between a more active lifestyle and mental health is well established. Coastal living offers an array of opportunities to exercise – from the more adventurous activities such as swimming, snorkeling, or surfing, to the more relaxing activities such as walking along the beach or sailing.

Better lifestyle balance, better mental health

Coastal living offers a better lifestyle balance compared to the hectic work life of living in the city. Lifestyle balance is all about balancing work, rest, and play. Once you have mastered a work-life balance your mental health is in far better shape. 

Take the plunge into coastal living

It’s clear that coastal living has many benefits to our mental health and can help us to ward off depression and anxiety through achieving more calm, a better lifestyle balance, exercise, and sleep.  

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