St Pete Voted America’s Best Beach: 5 Reasons We Couldn’t Agree More

The votes are in, and the secret is out, so we might as well shout about it.

St Pete was voted the best beach in America in 2021 by Tripadvisor, based on millions of reviews from travelers around the world. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, it was also voted #5 in the world. Also at the top of the Tripadvisor beach rankings are Clearwater and Treasure Island, where SEASALT also serves. 

The site described St Pete Beach as “a great walking beach with white quartz sand, clear calm water, and seashells by the truckload. The most perfect place to watch the sunset over the ocean.”

So, now that the entire world knows how fabulous St Pete Beach, Clearwater, and Treasure Island are, let’s look at 5 reasons they are well-deserved winners in our eyes.

  1. The sand and the water

When you think of St Pete Beach, you think of 35 miles of unspoiled, iconic white, soft sand, and the smell of SEASALT. You also think of the water in the Gulf of Mexico which is usually a mild temperature and crystal clear. 

Photographer Doc Jon nailed it when he explained to Fox News why he adores St Pete Beach. “The sounds, the smell, we’ve got powdered sugar sand like nobody else. We’ve got the best backdrop you could get, the Gulf of Mexico, the sunsets. The sand is like a mirror when it’s wet.”

  1. The entertainment

We have a world of entertainment at our feet here, and at St Pete, Clearwater, and Treasure Island there’s so much to see and do. We’ve got St Pete Pier, an $80 million entertainment destination, endless bars, restaurants, and stores, plus cool art installations. Clearwater Marine Aquarium is also not to be missed.

With so much going on, these beach destinations are a great choice for family vacations, couples’ retreats, or spring breaks. 

  1. The chill vibes

Just want to drink a cocktail, eat nachos, and relax? St Pete’s super-chill, friendly atmosphere means no pressure. Lina Stock, a visitor from Minnesota reacted to the Tripadvisor ranking when interviewed by Fox News. “We love coming here, you can relax. You’ve got the sea breeze and the sand.”

  1. Fun in the sun

There’s never a boring moment at St Pete Beach, Clearwater, or Treasure Island. Adventure lovers race to these hot spots for the adrenaline rush of pier sailing, speed boating, jet skis, and dolphin watching. 

Setting up camp

We fell so much in love with St Pete beach that when it came to setting up our HQ, we could think of nowhere better. Next thing we know, St Pete gets voted America’s best beach and we’re feeling pretty happy that we set up camp here

It’s no coincidence that once we clock off after a super productive day showcasing beautiful homes by the ocean, we kick off our shoes right next to crystal water and take a walk on powder white sand. 

Come on in, the water’s fine

Staying close to home during the pandemic wasn’t so tough for us because we have this incredible location to work, exercise, and relax. Life is all about priorities, and for us, it’s all about the coastal lifestyle. We think TripAdvisor is right: you’ll never find a more beautiful place to live, work, or vacation. 

Investing in a West Florida home is an excellent investment. If you’re ready to move here permanently or if you want to check out buying your own beautiful vacation beach home, let’s talk. Our team is highly experienced real estate agents who assist clients from around the world to buy, sell, and manage their homes on Florida’s West Coast. We are ready to guide you to your new home in West Florida. 

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