3 Key Things You’ll Love About Property Management

Keeping your home by the ocean in pristine condition requires a lot of time and energy – something that many of us simply don’t have in this hectic world. Life is short – you want less stress and more free time, and who can blame you?

As the sun sets on another perfect Florida day, we’re reflecting on 3 things we love about property management being put into expert hands.

  1. Peace of mind

Life is busy, and your beach home might be sitting empty for periods or occupied by tenants. The last thing you need is the headache of worrying about what has happened to it, imagining any storm or hurricane damage, leaking pipes, break-ins, or shattered glass. If issues around the home are not dealt with immediately, you can end up with mold, pests, a leaking roof, and more.

Knowing that someone capable is looking after your vacation or investment property in your absence is an investment that’s worth every cent.

  1. Dealing with tenants

Being a landlord is very time-consuming, and many find that stressful because they’ve also got family and business demands. With a property management service, you have someone you trust acting as a direct point of contact for tenants, dealing with all queries and requests promptly and efficiently. 

At SEASALT, we keep an inventory to ensure there’s no confusion or disputes over the property. Let us manage the time-consuming aspect of rent collection, tenant screening, preparing the property for rent, and marketing the home.

  1. Cleaning and repairs

So many things can go wrong in a home, and always with terrible timing. Appliances can pack in without warning, safety issues can arise requiring professional help, such as electrics, and wear and tear can develop on floors, walls, and furniture. 

Save yourself precious time and energy by letting us manage all of the demands of your home. When cleaning and repairs are handled correctly, your home functions at its best and stays looking beautiful. 

Our streamlined system identifies issues and addresses them immediately. We only engage professional, licensed contractors who carry out work to the highest caliber and at an approved rate. 

Quality, not quantity

We’ll let you in on a little secret: we only have a select number of properties that we manage. Why? Because only taking on a small number of homes means that we can really give them extra care. We’re not stretched, rushing from home to home, and that’s how we can over-deliver. We like to go that extra mile, caring for everything in the home that you can think of. Hey, sometimes less is more.

White glove service

One of the things we’re most proud of is that even after a block of time, we keep the home in such an excellent state that it’s just as fresh as the day that our client trusted us with the keys. 

We’ll tackle all signs of wear and tear, deal professionally with tenants, see to any repairs, and keep it shiny, new, and impeccably clean. 

At SEASALT we manage properties by offering the highest level of white glove service to our owners and guests. Here’s our secret formula:

  • Excellent communication – we believe in keeping the owner and tenant informed about what we’re doing in the home, and we listen to requests
  • We have a hospitality mindset, so we’re all about delivering service and quality
  • We’ve got great repair and upkeep skills to keep the home running smoothly.

We’ve got the keys to success

The SEASALT team are highly skilled and experienced real estate agents. We help people to realize their dream of not just owning a dream beach home but keeping it just as fresh and welcoming as the day they fell in love with it.

Your beach home deserves to be kept in tip-top condition. We’re standing by to manage your property, and you can rest assured that it’ll be in the best hands.

Get in touch to learn more about top-level property management at an all-inclusive price.

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