Coastal Living Interiors: 5 Ways to Get the Beachy Look

So, you’ve finally secured your dream beach home and are about to get to keys, or you’re planning on giving your coastal home a refresh. You’ve worked hard to invest in a beach home, so let’s make sure that it looks and feels as beautiful as its surroundings.

Florida coastal living offers the best lifestyle, with so many spots to dine, shop, and explore. Your waterside home is a place to relax, vacation, and entertain, and you want your interior to reflect that. 

A coastal home gets its inspiration from its beautiful environment: the beach. So, to get that beachy look at home, it’s all about the color palette, natural light, soft furnishings, accessories, and a clean aesthetic. A beautiful beach home is airy, breezy, and flooded with natural light – this means avoiding dark or cramped spaces through color choices and careful placement of furniture. 

Today we’re looking at 4 ways to achieve the coastal living interior you’ve been dreaming of.

  1. Color choices

When decorating a beach home, color choice is important. For walls, go for lighter tones of cool blue, green, beige, and white to communicate a calm and relaxed feel. The blue tones will mimic the oceanic surroundings and the neutral tones such as stone, cream, and off-white will mimic the powdery white sands of the nearby beach. By using this color palette you’ll achieve a calming, laid-back, natural look that instantly fits in with the beach home interior vibe. 

  1. Flooring

You need flooring that not only looks but is also practical. Remember that water and sand particles can damage floors, leading to scuff marks and scratches, or warped floorboards. Waterproof vinyl, laminate, or tile in pale or natural colors suits beach homes well, and last for many happy years to come.

  1. Soft furnishings

You can echo the color palette listed above in your soft furnishing choices. Opt for soft blues and neutral tones for throws, blankets, curtains, rugs, and cushions to complete the look.

Gauzy linen drapery can instantly create a dreamy, relaxed feel to your home. Stripes and loose linen upholstery work very well in a beach home also.

Soft furnishings should have the goal of making the home more comfortable – this is your place to relax, after all. Choose textures to get that cozy feel. 

  1. Art and furniture

Statement pieces on walls with a coastal or nautical theme can really draw the eye. This includes art or sculptures related to sailing, fish, shells, or waterfront landscapes. 

Furniture made from natural products like rattan, distressed wood, or wicker looks great in a beach home because it is sticking with the natural look. 

  1. Accessories

The details that you add next can really capture the coastal interior look and show some personality. When opting for accessories, think about what you’d find in nature or anything nautical. Examples include objects made from or resembling shells, sea glass, or that are the color of the water. 

Relax, you’re home

These interior choices will work perfectly against the ocean backdrop. Life by the sea is a state of mind. It’s the good life, to be enjoyed barefoot in the sand. It starts with your home.

For some, spending time in their beach house is the highlight of their year – a vacation they look forward to. For others, they enjoy the Florida lifestyle year-round. 

The team at SEASALT, would be honored to help you find the perfect beach home.

We are top real estate agents who specialize in luxury coastal homes, and we have just what you’re looking for. Reach out, we are happy to help.

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