4 Favorite Things About Being a Real Estate Agent in Paradise

Being a real estate agent is a satisfying job. You get to match people and families with their forever home. But being a real estate agent in paradise? Well, that’s on another level.

We deal with beach homes, second homes, investment homes, vacation homes, luxury homes, and family homes. In other words, we deal with dreams.

Today, we’re sharing the top things we love about being an agent in paradise.

  1. The location

Let’s start with the obvious: we set up camp in the most stunning location. We’re privileged to call West Florida our home and our workplace. Remember, St Pete beach was voted #1 best beach in America in 2021 by Tripadvisor, and #5 in the world.

When you work by the water, there’s a laid-back vibe. After a satisfying day of showing and maintaining ocean-view homes, you get to kick off your shoes, put your feet in the sand, and enjoy a cold beer. During your downtime, you can dine in award-winning restaurants, play water sports or unwind by sailing, all close by.

Working in paradise is all about striking a lifestyle balance. And an impressive tan, of course. 

  1. The people

Did you know that we are matchmakers? We connect people with their ideal homes. Families, retired couples, and professionals: we get to really listen and understand what our clients want, and then deliver it. 

We are surrounded by an amazing community here in West Florida, full of like-minded people, and an influx of people who want to live the SEASALT life. 

  1. The homes

Homes don’t get more gorgeous than the ones we help clients to buy, sell, and manage. Lucky us. 

Some days, we need to pinch ourselves, the homes are so beautiful. It’s easy to be enthusiastic when the homes we are showing to clients have a waterfront setting, a panoramic view of a magical sunset, and tasteful décor. They’re slices of heaven. 

Our homes are the doorway to a luxurious coastal lifestyle

  1. The team

Don’t live to work, work to live: this is our motto, and our career by the sea means that we can achieve this. We are a close-knit, fun-loving, toes-in-the-sand kind of team. And although life is not always smooth sailing, we can’t think of anywhere else in the world we’d rather be. 

Our team recently volunteered with World Central Kitchen to help those who were affected by Hurricane Ian, and it was an honor to work side by side. Our colleagues also have the environment close to their hearts, and we are proud to support and be a part of beach clean-ups with www.your-beach.com. We also take pride in the collaboration that our team enjoys with Water Tots since teaching the next generation to enjoy the water safely means everything to us.

Dream job

For us, working by water means freedom, fun, and peace. It’s a pleasure to help clients from all over the world to buy, sell, and manage their homes. We love our life by the sea and sharing the luxury lifestyle. We call this SEASALT living.

As highly skilled and experienced real estate agents, we sell a little piece of paradise. When you have a passion, you also have the desire to share it. For us, that’s the SEASALT life, and we get to do this every day.

If you’re a real estate agent who enjoys the sun and the sea, our team just might be the perfect fit for you. You’ll enjoy strong support, a lifestyle balance, and a strong team. Get in touch to talk about the opportunity to come aboard.

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